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Our Products and Services

Mechanized Cleaning of Grains

We are specialists in cleaning, bagging and packaging of grains like maiza, sorghum, sesame, soybeans etc for food processing companies and breweries.

Aggregation of Grains

In line with agtech, we aggregate grains directly from our sources, farmers on behalf of manufacturing companies.

Storage and Supply of Grains

We execute supply and storage contracts as well as Local Purchasing Orders to supply grains and commodities on behalf of companies and individuals.

Training and Provision of Inputs for Farmers

We provide mechanization inputs for farmers and offer them training to boost their harvests, reduce their losses and better their lives

Tractor for Grains

U-Farm Africa, we have realized that despite the efforts and hard work expended by smallholder farmers, yields and harvests are not proportional to their efforts. To worsen it all, the rate of shortage due to post harvest losses is alarming. This is so because of farmers’ use of animals, manual labour and other traditional means in executing their agricultural process. Hence, we are up to empower smallholder farmers and boost their productivity by eradicating the use of animals and manual labour from pre planting till post harvesting stages.

About UFarm Africa

At U-Farm Africa, we are consciously giving agriculture a more fascinating outlook and at the same time ensuring food security, which is a necessity for humanity according to the United Nations SDGs (2015).

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