About Us

Our Mission:

We are dependable to interact with the globe in ensuring that food is produced in surplus quantity with excellent quality by integrating pragmatic systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is encapsulated in three Es. They are:

”Imagine a world where everybody has the opportunity to farm”



Connecting creative capital to farmers.


21 +
Our remote team spans across 2 countries.


1 k+
Serving clients around the Nigeria.


14 +

Deals across 15 states and counting.


9 +
Offering 12 crop-types to date and counting.

Our Core Values

Our meritorious and commendable feats of excellence have carved us a niche. Below are our penchants and core values;

Our Partners

Why We Exist

U-Farm Africa Limited is a reputable agricultural company with a global reach and proven track record. Our aim is to combat food insecurity in Africa and the world at large by making agriculture participatory and endearing through the use of digitalised approaches.

We have identified the problem of population explosion and a steady decline in food production. Agriculture is not being given the attention it deserves because many literate individuals still think of farming as an occupation for old people and poor villagers in the grass roots. This perception needs to be eroded and corrected. Importantly, we are giving agriculture a more fascinating outlook and at the same time ensuring food security, which is a sustainability development goal for humanity according to the United Nations (2015).

Track Record

Over the past two years, our milestone achievements include:


tonnes of maize supplied to food and feed companies


tonnes of soya beans supplied to feed and food companies


Mechanized cleaning of 50,000 tonnes of grains for food companies


Marketing and sales of 30,000 tonnes of animal feeds


Execution of grains forward contract worth over $2,000,000 with feeds,foods companies and poultry farmers in Nigeria


Registration and training of over 20,000 farmers on post-harvest handling

Our Future


By 2050, Nigeria’s population is expected to have reached over 400 million. Hence, there is a need for establishments of inclusive systems of agriculture and active participation so that food security can be guaranteed.

In addition, we have a functional platform where busy working class and corporate individuals; home and abroad, participate in agriculture via a more digitalised and accountable domain. We make your money work for you; all you need to do is ‘plant’ with us while we farm on your behalf after which you get a timely beneficial return on your investments. Hence, you have the opportunity to farm without getting your hands dirty.