Our Services

Aggregation of Grains

In line with agtech, we aggregate grains directly from our sources, farmers on behalf of manufacturing companies.

Mechanized Cleaning of Grains

We are specialists in cleaning, bagging and packaging of grains like maize, sorghum, sesame, soybeans etc for food processing companies and breweries.

Storage and Supply of Grains

We execute supply and storage contracts as well as Local Purchasing Orders to supply grains and commodities on behalf of companies and individuals.

Training and Provision of Inputs for Farmers

We provide mechanization inputs for farmers and offer them training to boost their harvests, reduce their losses and better their lives


We leverage on technology and data to build and enrich individuals and farmers' through agriculture so that you can literally farm without getting your hands dirty. You can also monitor your investments on mobile phones, laptops and physical verifications.

Building Capacity for Smallholder Farmers

Smallholder farmers, men and women alike are integral parts of the African agricutural domain. There is a peculiarity of limited access to capital and land among African women. We empower smallholder farmers, reduce riks and make the most of inputs through farmers' cooperative systems that makes the farmers attractive to loans and grants.