Tractors For Grains

At U-Farm Africa, we have realized that despite the efforts and hard work expended by smallholder farmers, yields and harvests are not proportional to their efforts. To worsen it all, the rate of shortage due to post harvest losses is alarming. This is so because of farmers’ use of animals, manual labour and other traditional means in executing their agricultural process. Hence, we are up to empower smallholder farmers and boost their productivity by eradicating the use of animals and manual labour from pre planting till post harvesting stages.

Providing Inputs, Fortifying Outputs

Essentially, we are partnership with Crop Doctor, who are the producers of Micromec (a range of portable and efficient farm equipment like mini tractors, power tillers harvesters, crop threshers etc which are 30 t0 40% lighter than other equipment and are characterised by easy carriage and simplicity in operations)pre planting till post harvesting stages.

Empowering Farmers, Increasing Yields

These farm equipment are then made accessible to smallholder farmers at affordable rates and more friendly modes of payments.

Reaching Out, Helping Out

The flexibility of payments lies in the fact that farmers can now pay for these mechanized services with grains gotten from their harvests. U-Farm aggregates the grains from these farms and supply to feed companies as raw materials. That way, the agricultural value chain is serviced!!!